1. Does the chipper have feed rolls?

The chipper has no feed rolls. The knives in the mechanism are contoured in a way that they pull a tree in during the cutting process.

2. Is it possible to mount a drill bit to the chipper?

We do not recommend installing the drill bit. The shaft that comes out of the mechanism is intended for the assembly of a pulley or flywheel.

3. What are the differences between our mechanisms and the mechanisms of the competition?

Our chipper mechanisms are welded, fully dismountable, and in the event of a failure it is easy to replace individual parts.

4. What can a chipper be used for?

Chippers are widely used in individual households. We often sell wood chippers where they are used to cut sawmill waste. We also sell power wood chippers. Wood chippers can be directed to companies dealing in wood services and management of green areas.


1. Can the cutters be sharpened?

Knives in our wood chippers are bolted, the blades can be dismantled and sharpened on a magnetic grinder. The cutters can also be sent to our company and we will sharpen them.

2. What happens when cutting branches thicker than recommended?

Most likely, there will be a jamming of the cut material and blocking of the mechanism, which may result in an offset of the cutters.

3. What determines the length of the cut branches and can they be adjusted?

The length of the cut branches depends on the thickness of the material being cut and the number of knives in the chipper mechanism. Each chipper is produced in two cutter versions.

Orders / finance

1. Can you buy a chipper in instalments?

Yes, a chipper can be bought in instalments.

2. What are the delivery terms and conditions?

Our products can be picked up in the branches of our dealers all over Poland. Chippers are also delivered by courier or our own transport. The delivery time for most of our products is 2-3 days.

3. Withdrawal from the contract, who bears the costs of returning the goods?

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the buyer bears only the direct cost of returning the goods.


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